Warranty Services:

1. The dear customer is asked to receive a guarantee and guarantee card number on the company ‘s website for every purchase invoice and card .
NOTE : offering warranty services will be possible only with the existence of the invoice and the registered guarantee card .
2. The suitcase warranty is two years away from the date of purchase .
3. The warranty of other prouducts is one year from the date of purchase .

The following are not guarantees:
Washing of leather products or direct contact with water for a long time.
spraying perfume and contact with other chemicals.
Create leather stains and pen.
Cuts, scratches and burns.
Other items due to improper use of goods to distinguish company experts .

Methods for maintaining leather products :
1. Clean the dust and dirt of the leather surface with a sponge or a soft cotton
cloth .
2. Do not try to remove deep spots or spots that are hard to clean .
3. By keeping leather goods away from excessive moisture, you protect them
from the risk of swelling or mold.
4. Avoid direct sunlight on leather products for a long time.
5. Avoid staining pen, grease, perfume, acid, acetone and other chemical
solutions with leather products.

Warranties form